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Our family's STORY

Our Family's 


Our dad opened Durango Mexican Restaurant located on 1130 W. Thorndale back in the eighties. He ran our family business for 10 years until his health unfortunately forced him to close it. But the restaurant business was in our blood, and it only seemed natural to open up our family’s next restaurant right here in Edgewater.

We were both born and raised in Edgewater. Our family has lived on Magnolia for 60 years and, incredible enough, we are still there. Growing up in this amazing community we wanted to give back and, needless to say, Edgewater Tacos was born.

Our menu has all the traditional favorites including burritos, chimichangas, tortas and of course, tacos! We use secret family recipes that have been passed down through our family for years. 


All our food is made in small quantities with fresh, premium-quality ingredients.  Our specialty dish – al pastor, marinated in secret spices for 24 hours. Al pastor is a Mexican-style BBQ pork in a special sauce that is sautéed with pineapple. Our horchata drink is a special blend of water, cinnamon and rice served chilled. 

We are so exited to be on this journey. We wanted to create an authentic experience for our community. It is homemade food from our family's reciepies. Food we grew up with shared with you.



Edgewater Tacos was a dream in the making.

Opened February 24, 2018, we are so happy that 

we can finally share this dream come true with all of you. 



Thank you for your patronage!

Visit us soon. 

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